Thank you for your interest in joining the Sanford Aeromodelers. We are always looking for new members. Our membership process is straightforward and easy. The steps to becoming a member are:

  • Come visit us. If you are an AMA member, you are welcome to bring a model to fly after a brief field orientation with one of our members. We want prospective members to come meet us, see the facility, and be comfortable with the club before spending the time to submit an application.
  • Submit an application. Once you have visited the club and have had some time to meet the members and for us to meet you, the next step is to fill out our on line application and submit it.
  • Be voted in. At the next membership meeting, all pending applications will be brought before the membership for a vote. Please note that you must have an active AMA membership to be voted in, and must be a current AMA member to fly at the field.
  • Pay dues and sign acknowledgement of bylaws and flight rules. After you are voted in, you will be asked to pay your dues and initial the flight rules and bylaws to acknowledge that you have received them.



When you are ready, and have visited the club and gotten to know us, please fill out an application to continue the process.