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Items For Sale

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  1. Mustang with Moki 210, Keleo exhaust, Robarts, heavily customized.  Needs a rudder servo and canopy replacement (2 extra come with it).
  2. Christen Eagle with Moki 210 and smoke system.  Needs a new needle valve assembly.
  3. Great Planes Extra with Saito 300 Twin
  4. Futaba Super 8U radio (PCM, no spread spectrum)
  5. Several standalone engines including a Moki 180, two .30 Wankels (one disassembled), Tiger 90, O.S. 61 w/ pump.

 The engines have not run in years, and will need to be soaked before running (I was able to easily oil and get the Mustang Moki to spin nicely, and compression was fine).  As well, perhaps fuel, air, and smoke lines should be replaced, too.  There may be other issues related to aging, but everything is largely intact.

 This is a fire sale, and I want to sell all for $1,000 as is.  I donít want to put in the effort to prep each item and sell piecemeal, hence the low price.

Any potential buyer is welcome to come to my house in Mt. Dora and inspect before buying.


George Mulligan